Thursday, July 21, 2011

Office Block and Burnt Out Buildings, Detroit, MI - 17th July

Office Block
After the Packard Plant exploration I made my way to the Lee Plaza Hotel (another building I'd hoped to get into, but alas, it - like the Broderick Tower - was tightly secured to unwanted intruders). On my way I stumbled across a partly abandoned, partly burnt-out office block.

Front Facade: 'Rehab' 

Main Staircase

Despite being quite dilapidated, and in a very sorry state, there remained a fantastic amount of original furniture scattered around the rooms of the building. The main second-floor corridor was eerily lit by the window and door at the end leading to nothing. As I walked towards the middle a colony of flies buzzed around some decaying matter - I made my way back the way I came.

Light at the end of the tunnel - main corridor, second floor

A pew; and some ominous-looking plastic sheeting

Many of the rooms off the main corridor were dimly lit and full of broken furniture. It was amazing such a place so fully furnished (by abandoned Detroit's standards) had not fallen the victim of vandalism or become inhabited by the homeless.

Office #1

Office #2

Furniture-filled Junk-room 

Shelving and Debris

Burnt-Out Shop and House
On my way back to the Hostel I passed an area of town that had numerous burnt-out buildings in it. Apparently, fire is one of the biggest problems facing the emergency services in connection with abandoned buildings. It seems that either the homeless (to keep warm) or vandals (just for fun) have a habit of lighting fires in disused buildings with disastrous effects. 

This shop had received such treatment.



A much sadder tale was told by the burnt-out house just three houses down from the shop.

Little was left of the house that had stood intact on this spot only two weeks ago

Neighbour, Michael Johnson, who chatted to me from his porch, told me the sad story behind this ruin. Razed to the ground just three weeks ago in (what Michael said was) a gang attack, two children died in the blaze. I hesitated before photographing the site, but Michael piped up that I should: "get a good picture - this is Detroit; Detroit".

Victims of Detroit

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