Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zavikon Island, 22nd-23rd July

Friday, 22nd July 2011
Early Friday morning Don and I (along with a Gautamalen chap by the name of Arnaldo, who helps Don in maintaining the Island) set off for Zavikon Island. According to Julie, it was always Don's dream to own an Island, and in 1976 that dream came true when Don bought Zavikon Island in the St. Lawrence River. Zavikon, consisting of two archipelagos of around an acre and 1/2 an acre respectively, lies 2km off the river bank from Rockport, and sits on the very edge of the Canada/US boundary.

South Side, Zavikon Island

Zavikon Island's claim to fame, according to local folklore, is that the main island lies in Canada whilst the smaller one sits in US waters meaning the bridge connecting the pair is the smallest international bridge in the world.

The smallest international bridge in the world

The Island was just perfect - such a change from bustling Toronto, and the peace and tranquility there was something I hadn't experienced since my visit up to Manchester at the beginning of my travels. Far better, with the cool river breeze blowing with the St. Lawrence current, it was a great deal cooler on Zavikon than in the buzzing metropolis of Toronto.

East-facing view from the Veranda

After helping Don with a few chores that needed to be done before a conference he was hosting on Zavikon the following week, I set to relaxing and soaking in the beautiful views. Later in the afternoon Don took me on a boat tour of the neighbouring area, and after a rustic supper outside in the evening sun, we settled down with some beer to watch the sunset.

Sunset #1 


The next morning, and after a refreshing swim and bathe in the river Don took me over by boat to the mainland and on to Kingston where I got the bus to the airport in Toronto. It didn't feel like long until I was on my flight, headed to the West Coast, to Vancouver.

The short time I spent in Toronto was quite brilliant, and I was pleased to find that it wasn't quite the bland, faceless city I'd been told to expect, and my visit to Don and Julie's couldn't have been topped off in any better way than my visit to Zavikon Island.

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  1. Do you still own Zavikon island? I vacationed there for many years as a child (when it was owned by Woolrich Woolen Mills). It is a magical place for me and I wondered if you ever rent it out. I am getting that my cousins who I spent summers with there would be interested in spending a vacation there again. Please email me at